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Breeding Bengals is my hobby and my passion although I try to NOT act like a crazy cat lady (because my kids make fun of me when I do). We have one stud and two queens, all with very impressive pedigrees. Our focus is to raise sweet tempered, well mannered cats who are, of course, the very best of the breed. They are a part of our family and have free run of the house.

PurreciousKatz is registered with The International Cat Association, The International Bengal Breeders Association and the International Bengal Cat Society.

We sell under contract. Our kittens are vet checked, tested for disease and have age appropriate vaccinations when they are go to their forever homes.

Carole Jobes

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About Bengals

The Bengal cat is a hybrid descendent of the exotic Asian Leopard Cat. They keep the wild look but their temperament is that of a domestic cat.

The first thing I noticed when I met a Bengal is that their fur is incredibly soft.  I adore petting these silky cats.  They have a lucious pelt instead of ordinary fur.  It sparkles with gold or silver depending on the color of the cat, All of our cats are dripping with glitter. They walk like the wild cat with their back end a little higher than the front. They are breathtakingly lovely.

They are confident cats.  They are acrobats.  They are energetic.  They have big purrs and love to cuddle with their humans.  They are NOT docile lap cats. 

They can be mischievous and boisterous if they get bored so keep plenty of playthings around. They are excellent climbers and jumpers so if you have an expensivecollection of glass baubles on the mantle you need to realize that they are at risk.  One of my cats can climb right up the front of book cases as if the shelves were her personal step ladder. 

They love their humans and want nothing more than to be where you are, not that they always want your attention; they just want to be near or want to help you with whatever you are doing.  They have no problem with children or with other pets.

Water attracts them, especially running water.  Many have trained their owners to turn on faucets just so they can play in it.  They play in their water dishes.  They may also join you in the shower or tub if you forget to close the door.

These cats are highly intelligent and inquisitive. They can be trained to do tricks and love to play fetch.  They soon learn to open cabinet doors and you may need to childproof.  Mine can open our bedroom door if someone is in there they want to visit with.

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Home Kittens Queen Ciara King Apollo Queen Chi

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